Quality Policy

Guiding commitments:

  • To turn quality, food safety and the environment into fundamental elements of our positioning and promote their continuous improvement.
  • To ensure strict compliance with legal and other requirements to which the company subscribes in terms of Quality, Food Safety, and the Environment.
  • To guarantee the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties.
  • To provide customers with products and services, while promoting quality, innovation, and differentiation, and guaranteeing food safety.
  • To maintain and develop partnership relations with suppliers.
  • To minimise the environmental impact of the company’s activities (products and services) and to reduce the nature of threats, with a commitment to protecting the environment and promoting a circular economy.
  • To promote an environment of teamwork and the dissemination of a food safety culture, supported by a high level of professionalism, rigour, and a spirit of innovation; to this end, provide adequate transversal training for employees (work and food safety, hygiene, and processes).
  • To guarantee internal and external communication channels so that information flows effectively between the various stakeholders.
  • To promote relations with research institutions and other organisations to systematically learn about new practices, improve products and their safety, as well as the profitability of production processes combined with their environmental performance.
  • To ensure that the fundamental principles of this policy are known across the board, including employees and all interested parties (customers, suppliers, official bodies, society in general).


To achieve these commitments, Elaia Lagar sets annual objectives and targets, disseminates them throughout the organisation and periodically assesses their degree of achievement.