Quality Policy

Guiding commitments:

  • To transform quality, food safety and the environment into cornerstones of our positioning, promoting the continuous improvement thereof;
  • To ensure strict compliance with both legal and other requirements applicable to the company with regard to Quality, Food Safety and the Environment;
  • To guarantee the satisfaction of both customers and other interested parties
  • To provide products and services to customers, promoting quality, innovation and differentiation, ensuring food safety;
  • To maintain and develop partnership relations with suppliers;
  • To minimise the environmental impact of the activities conducted (products and services); to reduce the nature of threats, with a commitment to promoting a circular economy;
  • To promote an environment of teamwork, supported by high levels of professionalism, rigour and a spirit of innovation; providing comprehensive training (occupational and food safety, hygiene and process) for employees;
  • To foster relations with research institutions and other entities, in the systematic knowledge of new practices, in the improvement of products and the safety thereof, in addition to the profitability of production processes combined with environmental performance;
  • To ensure that the basic principles of this policy are common knowledge, more specifically employees and all other interested parties (customers, suppliers, official entities, society in general).


In order to meet the aforementioned commitments, Nutrifarms sets annual objectives and goals, publishes them at the organisation and assesses degrees of compliance with the same on a regular basis.