How we work

Great precision in large-scale agriculture

We monitor our farms on a constant, precise basis. Probes, analyses, drones and satellite images help us to make better decisions: choosing the most suitable soil, deciding how and when to water and calculating the best time to harvest.

varieties best suited to each site.

We have our own platform for the control and monitoring of irrigation and fertirrigation. It is accessed using mobile devices and supports us in the centralised, efficient and environmentally sustainable management of water and nutrients. It monitors all our systems in real time, enabling us to start or stop irrigation and fertilisation on one or more farms. It coordinates irrigation and fertirrigation with the most advantageous energy tariffs and also provides real-time information on soil moisture.

The techniques we use allow us to manage our area of exploration in great detail. Our knowledge of the specific characteristics of each farm and precision agriculture technology has enabled us to plan and implement water and nutrients in average crop units of 3 to 5 hectares. We adapt our work on a year-round basis in accordance with the development of the crop and the year in question.

Our crops

Over the last 10 years,we have specialized in the installation and management of modern irrigated olive groves. We study and test new production techniques and systems on a continuous basis to improve the quality of our products and to ensure greater efficiency in the use of resources.
As of 2021, we began to apply our experience and knowledge in planting and installing systems for other permanent irrigated crops.

Olive groves

Our olive groves are composed by nine different varieties, among wich standout Arbequina, Arbosana, Sikitita and Oliana. We have vast experience in the installation and management of olive groves, and we have planted more than 19 million olive trees, since 2007.


The almond project came into being in 2021, with the aim of diversifying our activity and implementing our experience and knowledge in other permanent irrigated crops.

We conduct highly coordinated work to bring our olives to the mill
We learn how to do better as a team
We have a young and motivated team

It all begins with our Team

Our team is organized in highly specialised departments in the different areas of activity. This team now has more than 10 years of experience, continually innovating in the ongoing quest to do better.

The different specialities communicate in a fluid and coordinated manner, with the teams working closely together. This is the best way to manage Nutrifarms large and disperse operations.

Sustainable practices for farming with a future


We carefully plan and install our modern drip irrigation systems to promote the efficient use of water.

We continuously monitor the soil moisture, the weather conditions and the status of the crop in order to optimise irrigation.


We carry a detailed soil study before installing the irrigation systems.

The permament cover crops of the interrows reduces the risk of erosion and improves water infiltration.

Fertirrigation allows for the efficient use of fertilisers and reduces the risk of soil and water contam


Planting riparian species in the margins of water lines helps to create ecological corridors.

Maintenance of “montados” (meadows with cork and holm oaks) and other areas of high ecological value.

We study and monitor the ecosystems in our farms to maintain their balance.

Carbon neutrality and circular economy

We leave all wood from olive trees pruning in the soil to increase the amount of organic matter whist preventing carbon removals.

We use the olive stones as a source of energy at our mills.


Quality begins in the field

Each year, we plan to harvest the olives in order to ensure the shortest period of time between the orchard and the mill.

Our olive mills are state-of-the-art and undergo a continuous improvement process: year after year we test and implement systems that enable us to monitor or improve the oil extraction process, always striving for the highest quality oil. As such, more than 95% of the oil we produce is extra virgin oil.
Our mills are IS0 22000 and ISO 14001 certified.


The oil produced at our mills is awarded prestigious international prizes year after year:


prizes at the Mario Solinas competition


prizes at the international Ovibeja competition