We manage our farms and mills with the most innovative and sustainable techniques in order to obtain products of excellence

Agriculture with a future

Nutrifarms belongs to Sovena, a family group founded over 100 years ago with a focus on sustainable food solutions and one of the largest olive oil packers and distributors in the world. Today, we manage over 9.000 hectares and 2 olive mills in Portugal, Spain and Morocco.

The farms and mills are managed with the goal to produce premium quality products in line with enormous respect for natural resources and good integration with the surrounding environment and people. Our team is young, well-trained and motivated by the constant challenge of doing better. Most of them live close to the farms they manage and are relevant members of local communities.

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Our location

Our activity is centred in southern Portugal, Extremadura in Spain and Morocco. We have two mills, the Lagar do Marmelo in Ferreira do Alentejo and the Olico mill in Marrakesh. Our farms are based in the growing areas of Ferreira do Alentejo, Beja, Avis, Elvas, Cáceres and Marrakesh.

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Our values


We study and test new production techniques and systems on a continuous basis to improve the quality of our products and to ensure greater efficiency in the use of resources.

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Our team is organized in highly specialised departments in the different areas of activity. This team now has more than 10 years of experience, continually innovating in the ongoing quest to do better.

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We work towards the preservation of natural resources, especially water, soil and biodiversity.

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95% of the olive oil we produce is extra virgin.

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